Marianne’s younger brother. Mischievous, curious, too smart for his age. Always planning different ways to catch his sister in her lies. Loves comics, horror movies and video games. He has a complex with his short height and it’s difficult for him to make friends, so he always tries to meddle in his sister’s matters.


Marianne’s mother. As impulsive or even more than her daughter. Since she was a teen mom, her behavior can be immature and passive-aggressive, so much that her children feel like they never got to grow with a responsible adult at home. She’s got an artistic vein and even went on to exhibit in art galleries and sell her paintings, but she’s been suffering from artist’s block after her separation, which forces her to seek employment back in her hometown.


Demon from the Legion of Darkness with the mission of finding certain gifts, for which he’s been attacking people for some time now. Impetuous and prone to explosive outbursts when something doesn’t go as planned and ends up taking it out on his shadow.


Umber’s servant shadow. He must abide by his orders, otherwise he must bear the painful punishments inflicted by him. Unlike his master, who can regenerate each time he’s wounded, he keeps his scars for each wound, whether acquired after a fight or in the hands of Umber himself.