After her parents’ separation, Marianne must adapt to a new life in a new town, but the first day of school things go from bad to worse starting with a less than stellar arrival, a bad reception by her new classmates and to top it all she’s hit by a car after school.

This has more consequences than expected, because that very night she begins to hear a voice claiming to be her guardian angel and revealing she’s part of a special group of warriors who must fight evil represented by the Legion of Darkness.

She thinks it’s a hallucination at first, but when strange attacks start happening and she faces her first confrontation with a couple of demons, her perspective begins to change.

Thereafter she gets involved in a series of complications in her attempt to keep her new activity secret, guided by the voice of her angel while she keeps bumping into the boy who almost ran her over on her first day of school.

However, some things are not as they seem and what at first seemed to be a simple and straightforward task for them, gets complicated when the boundaries between good and evil become increasingly blurred.